Why join?

The Review Board presents a unique challenge (with a low pass rate) that demands everything - in-depth knowledge, hands on experience, soft skills and stress management. Join the FlowRepublic coaching and fast track your journey to becoming certified.

  • Create Structure

    Understand the How? What? When? How much? Our scientific learning experience combines self-study, assignments, mock scenarios, 1-1 coaching.

  • Time Management

    Most CTA candidates work full-time and find it hard to commit. Our coaches will ensure you find the time with individual study strategies, that take your personal circumstances into account.

  • Understand Size

    The Certified Technical Architect requires vast knowledge, experience and skills. With a personal GAP analysis, regular coaching sessions and detailed feedback, we'll help you focus on the areas that need attention.

  • Excel Soft Skills

    Candidates often have great technical skills, but lack critical soft skills. With a strong emphasis on communication we focus on mastering your listening, speaking, presenting, asking and diagraming skills.

  • Stress Management

    Studying while working and the format of the Review Board is very stressful. Our coaching gives you mindfulness techniques and personal guidance to help you stay in the flow.

“Sebastian is a great coach”

“Preparing for the CTA is a challenging time, the amount of information to absorb is literally unlimited. You need a trustable peer to judge you, challenge you. Sebastian excels at that role. I really enjoyed the emphasis on the soft skills which clearly play an important role in our Architect Role."

—Vincent Spehner - CTA and Chief Architect @makepositive

Coaching Sessions: (6-months)

An integral part of the framework are the regular sessions, either 1-to-1 with your coach, your accountability partner or the group. Providing you with a continuous learning environment that ensure weekly engagement. Group sessions are facilitated for a period of three months, 1-to-1 sessions can be scheduled individually.

  • Personal Roadmap and on-boarding session (1-to-1)

  • 6 x Mock Exams with gradually increasing complexity (1-to-1)

  • Regular Accountability Partner sessions

  • Bi-weekly Group Sessions with webinars, knowledge and experience sharing

  • Board Checkin and Review sessions before and after your board (1-to-1)

Coaching Fees

The European Union requires to charge EU based customers VAT, please choose the EU-customers price. Companys can request a VAT invoice to deduct. EU customers enrolling with the Non-EU pricing, will have to pay the difference before they can start the program.


  • Is it worth the investment?

    The Certified Technical Architect certification is a considerate investment and with the very low pass rate it is likely that you end up paying for retakes. The coaching increases your chances of passing, so that in the end you can avoid retake fees and save time.

  • What are the prerequisites for the CTA coaching?

    In order to enroll in the coaching program, you must have passed the FlowRepublic CTA Readiness Assessment and meet the prerequisites for the Certified Technical Architect Review Board (Salesforce Certified Application Architect and System Architect).

  • Is the CTA assessment mandatory to join the coaching program?

    Yes. We would like to assess your skills before you join our academy to ensure quality standards and similar knowledge levels for group study sessions.

  • How much time does the CTA coaching take?

    Successful students commonly invest between 10 to 15 hours per week over the 6-months.

  • Where the does the coaching take place?

    The coaching sessions, 1-to-1s and group sessions are done virtually, via GoToMeeting.

  • When can I start the coaching?

    We highly recommend starting the coaching at least 6 months before your targeted Review Board date. Check the Salesforce Review Board schedule

  • What are the costs of the CTA coaching?

    5000€ which includes- personal roadmap and on-boarding, six 1-to-1 mock exams, regular accountability partner sessions, six weekly group sessions, webinars, and knowledge and experience sharing. Board checkin and review sessions before and after the CTA review board exam.

  • What if I need more time to prepare for the 1-1 session?

    Your personal study schedule is flexible and can be accommodated for.

  • What if I fail the Review Board exam? Does FlowRepublic have a guaranteed pass rate?

    We can’t guarantee the successful passing of the Review Board exam, as it is subject to multiple factors such as your performance of the day. However, our framework has proven successful for 8 CTAs and counting. Similar approaches with SFDC partners and Salesforce coaches show a higher success rate amongst candidates who went through a structured coaching program.